Monday, March 1, 2010

More from Miss America Pageant....

These are a few photo we got from the Miss America Pageants 2010. My Sister attended with me for the very first time ever and we had a ball!
The pageant was a perfect blend of old school meets new school! The atmosphere was exciting and fun. The stage was super, the camera work for TV was second to none for an alive broadcast! Oh, the Talent of these young women! Excellent and the best I have wittnessed in many years! We had great seats only 8 rows from the stage! Back stage passes that worked too! The final night flew by.
The music was current and upbeat and the host was amazing. The theater was filled to capacity and the very feeling of the place would thrill even the most seasoned veteran in pageantry! Loved the entire experience. I felt very happy that Miss America was so well produced this year, my little Sister was amazed at the whole thing... giggle.

Life goes by so fast....

During the time I originally set up this blog I have noticed how FAST time flies by. I have been to many pageants and events this year and most of them I have represented the American Image Pageant with Pride!

But, I must admit, I am getting too old to represent anymore. The fire is just not in me as it used to be. My life is pleasantly taking new directions and helping others achieve their hopes and dreams thrills me more than competing does. I have always known that I would know when enough is enough. I tried to compete one last time, last year with a friend for old times sake. The spark was not there... like it used to be. But, never the less being in a competition was fun, exciting and I did make some nice friends in the process.

I have come to the end of the road. A person knows, when it's time. I have loved being in pageants and competing with the wonderful women who also put themselves out into this arena. I have several New York State titles and National titles like Ms. U S of A now known at Ms. US Continental, Ms. World Continental and the first Mrs. All American. I finished Top 5 in 2 and Top 10 in 1. That's an amazing journey of success for a small time girl who figured out the formula and took a gamble on this Sport! I was a three time winner at national competitions of the CONGENIALITY AWARD... one that gets made fun of a lot but, for me, it's the ACID test of ones character. Nice is nice. One of my motto's is: It's nice to be important but, it's more important to be nice! I live that.
I have had 18 years of competition, incredible and FUN!!!! And now, the journey is over. I have had a ball and hope that every pageant queen reading this has gotten as much out of their reigns as I have. It was a big blessing. I have been defined by pageantry. I fought for my charities and raised awareness and funds for The Make A Wish Foundation in NY, PA and VA and Hospice of Niagara. In the process I became a better speaker, better citizen and over all more aware of the world around me through my community involvement.
I have become quiet good at helping others see their dreams come true too. I know first hand what it takes to win. If I could win, so can YOU!!!!

About The American Image Pageant:
Our fearless leader Deb (American Image Director and creator) has had some very serious health issue she has faced bravely over the coarser of this year. I feel so bad for her and her family as I know the reality of sickness and health. Being chronically ill is no fun and it has taken it's toll on her. She recently sold the pageant to a fabulous new director with lots of great ideas and new energy to put into growing the pageant. I hope I can help her do that .

Here's to great pageantry, great directors and queens who do all they can to highlight the programs they believe in. Here's to all those who labor behind the seances to make a well run pageant just that... well run, organized and fair.
Choose wisely which competition you compete in. Believe me, pageantry is not all the same. Directors are not all the same, shows are very different... and not always in a good way. So Ladies, please do your homework, ask questions, talk to the reigning queen or queens, READ all you can about the system you are interested in and don't go into dept for any competition that you can not pay off within a reasonable time frame. Any Questions about pageantry? Please write me.... I will always answer. Enjoy a few photos from Miss America and other events I have posted.